Our mission is to better the world of tattoos

Recognition for artists, trust for clients, authenticity for tattoos
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Tattoos are permanent.

Now your portfolio can be too.

Gogo Tattoo Project uses IPFS, blockchain, smart-contracts and other modern technologies to offer tattoo artists and wearers an unbreakable lifetime record of their portfolios.

Our decentralized platform enables artists to showcase their designs to tattoo enthusiasts worldwide. They can then connect locally at the studio level with total transparency for client and creator alike, guaranteeing a regret-free tattoo experience.

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What we're about

Helping artists stand out

Tattoo artists deserve recognition and the chance to connect with the people who would be happiest wearing their work. Peer-to-peer connectivity using blockchain technology gives you the chance to showcase your work to clients worldwide in ways never before imaginable.

Making tattoos worry-free

Tattoo experiences are permanent, and no one wants a permanent regret. Our blockchain-secured marketplace allows you to browse artists’ portfolios without worrying whether the work promised there can be delivered.

Connecting shops with artists

Being able to link up with artists on gogo.tattoo means the chance to bring in fresh talent when your studio needs it. Be a place where more clients meet better artists to raise your profile with blockchain powered networking.

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