How we are tackling the road ahead…

There’s been a lot of exciting news in the blockchain world these past few months, fascinating as well as frightening those of us who have been following. Interest in smart contacts is booming as this powerful new mechanism gains wider attention, while performance issues with consequences like Ethereum’s latest split have many on edge and all of us watching closely.

In response to these developments is going ahead with development as planned while closely monitoring the general environment in the peer to peer ecosystem. We feel it is important to take the long view of the road ahead, and not rush recklessly into new territory until more is understood about making ideas into realities with blockchain.

Projects we are excited to have in development include our tattoo artist profile page, where you will be able to showcase your work as part of a decentralized network of artists and tattoo enthusiasts around the world. We look forward to bringing you all this and more in the days to come, and as usual hope to hear from you about opportunities to collaborate.


The Gogo Tattoo Team