Where the New Year finds us

If you’ve been following gogo.tattoo since our launch this year you probably have some idea of how our mission is coming into focus. On the one hand the task before us is to develop the platform that will connect tattoo experiences with the incredible possibilities blockchain is enabling us to build for. On the other hand, we are working to grow our presence in the tattoo world organically, beginning from local connections with studios and artists who realize the potential of what we’re working toward.

The latest news is all exciting, whether you care most about tattoos or the tech that will change how they’re made forever. We’re working from an undisclosed location in an exciting city, where major players in the blockchain world are looking to invest their time, energy, and focus in projects that will take the revolution live. Coupled with promising attention in blockchain circles, the welcome we’ve earned with people who make their lives and livings in tattoo craft is driving our vision to reality in ways we never expected so soon. It was a major milestone to publish proof of work live from a tattoo session for the first time this month. Just as thrilling are the ways this experience continues to shed light on how gogo.tattoo can simultaneously benefit artists, their clients, and the studios where they meet. We’ve always known what we could do for people, but it means something more to hear it back.

We’re thrilled to be going into a new year with the enthusiasm of the people we’re working for behind us. It’s been a short, fast, wild ride through a horizon we are helping to push. What comes next is as sure to amaze as it is to surpise and enlighten us with what’s to come. We look forward to a new year changing the world together from our unlikely corner of the creative world.


The Gogo Tattoo Team