Starting a busy year

The new year finds us introducing a bunch of new features as we continue documenting our artists’ awesome new tattoos and researching our way forward. On the tech side, there are quite a few attractive new features on our site. First, we made our announcement posts separate pages with their own links:

Meanwhile tattoo artists’ personal pages are looking better and better all the time. We think the Year of the Rooster is a great occasion to update our community on what’s been going on and where we are looking next by introducing some links to our latest features.

Tags are up

Tattoos are now tagged so visitors can find and follow artists based on their interests, making it easier for artists to reach the right audiences with their expertise and work history. Artists’ profile pages will show their tags right at the top of the page, and tattoo pages will show tags just below the image.

Going forward visitors on will have an easy way of finding the artists who specialize in the kinds of designs they’re looking for, bringing us a huge step closer to realizing the transparent, human marketplace we envision becoming.

New Design section: Link for ink

Another way we’re helping connect great artists and the people who will enjoy their work is our new design section. It’s the place to showcase the work you’re looking to make next and get recognition for your creativity.

Github repository is alive

For programmers and other collaborators looking to get involved at, our github repo is filling up with ongoing updates on our progress and development. The demo/alpha version of the artists’ page is now open sourced.


Gogo-upload is an utility written in golang. It aims to add labeled watermarks, resize photos and upload the edited files to IPFS. It is half ready. We invite you to contibute.

In other news… steemit noticed us

We were the lucky number 8 at steemit in the daily curie best posts selection list.

Check out how our recent steemit promoted design found a happy owner. The process is documented in our demo/alpha website.

...and we’d also like to mention the UN olive branch

The other day a UN secretary-to-be collaborated with us for an olive branch tattoo design. Proud to be spreading the message of peace in these times!

Artist Valentin also updated the collection of work he’s documenting with us:

Going forward we would like to begin connecting with people interested in helping us document work at greater distances worldwide, and hope to speak more with photographers and tattoo people interested in getting great work recognized at its most beautiful.

We continue to follow the progress at projects like, akasha,, waves, lisk, and never miss a chance to check up on developments at Ethereum, among others.

Our community is growing fast and worldwide.

Keep checking back for news!

Happy New Year,

The Gogo Tattoo Team