Spring 2017 Update

A lot’s been happening at gogo.tattoo these past few months, giving us plenty of updates to report as we ease into Labor Day weekend. Open sourced backend/frontend development continues to drive our evolution as a platform in exciting directions, while our core group of artists working at the studio level has grown with the recent addition of tattoo master Xizi.

One development after another, our vision of a seamless interface between artists, clients, studios, and the individual tattoo sessions we’re working to document is taking form at gogo.tattoo.

On the mobile side, we’re hard at work on the alpha version of our open-sourced Android app.

It’s now approved on GooglePlay, so please get in contact if you’re interested in being an alpha tester! Adding to the excitement, the gogo.tattoo iOS app is also now in active development.

New features include automatic watermarking for posted images and artist page localization, supporting our goal of offering talented artists visibility to international audiences beyond the regions where they are based. You can now view our artists’ pages in Russian and Chinese, as well as English. Meanwhile we’ve launched a page dedicated to the incredible studio that’s been at the heart of the action so far, downtown Shanghai’s Chu Shang Feng. To see where we’ve been documenting so much of the work on our site you can now visit this link:

On the horizon, we are getting ready to launch tattube, a decentralized youtube for tattoos hosted on the InterPlanetary File System.

It’s all happening fast now and we’re anticipating big news in the months ahead. Along with Twitter you can now follow us on Steemit, where you can hear more about our talented artists and the works they’ve been doing with us.

Part of our team, including Yana Gogo herself, are heading to Russia, where she and Valentin are goint to participate in the Saint-Petersburg Tattoo Weekend, taking place from May 12 to 14.

Come find us there!

The auction on Yana’s works is still ongoing, so please contact us as soon as possible if you want to discuss designs which we could deliver at the event.

Email: team[at]gogo.tattoo

We’ll also soon have news on our expansion in the blockchain/crypto communites, but more about this in the next update.

If you’re already on Golos.io, vote and follow:

Check back soon!

Happy Labor Day,

The gogo.tattoo team