Kicking off a hot summer

It’s only been a month since our last update, but there’s a lot to report already. Two of our artists recently attended the Saint Petersburg Tattoo Weekend in Russia, connecting with clients for three awesome new works that you can view in their profiles:

Valentin and Yana had a double booth at the center of the festivities, right next to Tianjin-based artist Shijian’s spot. We were quite fascinated by this artist’s story and are looking to invite him to join our team. Opposite our booth was Ukrainian master Valera Ronenko.

Yana and Valentin are playing go

Another outcome of the trip: we are happy to be joined by yet another talented artist this month. Welcome Vitaly Klimin! Check out his page, where we look forward to posting much work to come:

On the development side our iOS app is looking better and better. Contact our developers for a closer look or about getting involved!

Along with our home Chushangfeng in Shanghai, we now have a page for the Aid Tattoo studio in Gatchina, Russia, where Valentin and Vitaly will continue to base their work. The shop pages are still in active development, but deployed and ready to be seen:

Many thanks to Chris 朱明阳 (suyihan1994 [at] for drawing the design for our latest logo:


Along with all the developments in house, we are broadening our work with other projects in the blockchain community. We’re closely following developments at Decent, Steem, Skycoin, Golos, and others, expanding our collaboration with projects redefining the possibilities of networks. Blockchain is exciting and we are excited to be helping move it forward.

Upcoming we have a partnership with gre3n to look forward to, who are as enthusiastic about tattoos as we are about coconut oil. Unlike vaseline, coconut oil is a natural antibacterial and antifungal, making it great for the skin after a tattoo session. Look forward to seeing more on that soon.

We are now recording artists’ new works to two different blockchains, and looking to add more. It’s our way of making sure that our record is universal, with links to each of the chains where our artist portfolios are permanently coded that you can now find beside each of their works.

Things are happening faster and faster each time we check in. We’re looking forward for the long hot summer of 2017 and seeing where it takes us.

Check back for more soon!

The team