Cool updates for a hot season

It’s been a great summer at Gogo Tattoo with lots going on and even more coming up.

The biggest news right now is our Russia based artist Valentin will be coming to Shanghai next month and is looking to book sessions with people interested in his work starting mid-September. Valentin is in town for the Shanghai International T-A-F tattoo festival, happening September 22 - 24. He’ll be doing work live on site if you’d like to come by.

Valentin Aidov @ Shanghai Tattoo Autumn Festival

If you want to reach Valentin or would like to have a tattoo made at T-A-F please contact us so we can get you in touch. You can see Valentin’s portfolio here:

We’ve recently added support for session videos to artist pages. Artists now can upload their works to IPFS with watermarking using app! This feature is still only available on our Android app, but we’ll have the same feature up on the iOS app soon.

Check out these Steemit inspired tattoo designs Gogo drew up – the dragon design seems especially popular.

In other news, we made a new friend in nearby Shaxi last weekend who will be joining us as soon as we finish building his artist page. Welcome Aidehua! We enjoyed visiting your studio and your tour through the area. Highly recommend a trip through this waterside town just outside downtown Shanghai.

Our app is now easier to navigate thanks to Prev and Next tabs on tattoo images. We’ve also made it easier to select and preview photos before sharing. Video watermarking/uploading is supported by the API and already applied in the Android app. Watermarking is getting better and better (generation-v4 already) and there’s lots more in the works, so check back often to see how we’re developing!

On the social side, we now have over 200 followers on Steemit (in case you’re wondering why we like it so much we’d make those designs). Also, take a look at this…

We’re looking forward to integrations on DecentGo, Yoyow, and Skycoin networks:


it’s always nice to remind ourselves that we’re awesome:

There’s plenty more on the way, so check back soon, or follow/fork our development at github!