A few missions accomplished - bridges built

Making six tattoos at two awesome events isn’t bad for a first trip to Shanghai. Last month Russian tattoo master Valentin traveled here to meet clients in China and visit us at Chushangfeng, and along with everything else going on it’s been nonstop in and out of the studio. Valentin’s been working with gogo.tattoo for almost a year now, reminding us that our one-year anniversary is coming up fast.

gogo.tattoo @ Shanghai Tattoo Autumn Festival 2017

Valentin’s new works from Shanghai are now up on his artist page. We recommend checking out shots from his session at Shanghai International Tattoo Festival – especially Samurai Skull, designed by Dmitriy Kazimirov. He also joined us for the trip to Shalanaya for three days during the October holiday, where he and Gogo performed about 50 henna designs for people visiting the festival. It’s been fun and busy showing him Shanghai, and good to see artists and clients without borders making use of our platform.

gogo.tattoo/aid @ Shalanaya 2017


Before heading back to Russia Valentin joined us in the studio one last time to make Beauty Mind for Gogo, completing her sleeve (for the time being). Gogo is extremely happy with it, and we hope you’ll take a second to see the story it tells. (Inside the matryoshka doll he designed the cyrillic “Ум”, meaning “mind”, as well as whatever else you find in this poetic image.) Gogo’s mind is going to be running pretty wild with coding at Le Wagon in the next three months. So you may experience a slight interruption in the flow of awesome works of her’s we’ve been posting recently. Looking forward to having another full-stack developer onboard who also doubles in our core tattoo talent here.

On the blockchain side, we met some of the people working at Smart Valor at Slush Shanghai, finding common ground in enthusiasm for smart contracts and free banking. The blockchain community is growing and we’re looking forward to the future ecosystem that will let us do more of the things we do with the freedom of smart networks. More and more people seem to be thinking the same way lately, including some we met who are working with startups at Google. They seemed pretty interested in tattoos hitting the blockchain, too. We’re looking forward to more updates on the tech side, so check back for news soon!

By the way, find us for details if you’d like to join the celebration when we turn one next month. We’re going to party our faces off, so join if you’re in Shanghai!